My only nephew is graduating tomorrow…

What a milestone!  Joseph will be graduating from his highschool tomorrow afternoon.  I will be the only one to witness it.  The videocam is ready and I am ready to just fire up and take video and still shots to capture as much as I can tomorrow.

Graduation may be too common these days. But in reality, this is really special for parents, particularly for the OFWs who are toiling away in the middle of nowhere, just to send their children to school.

Tomorrow when Joseph marches across the stage – it will be a triumphant walk for my sister who has left for Abu Dhabi last year.

For Joseph, this is just one of those things he needs to go through – but for me, it will be a poignant reminder when I witnessed his mom walked across the stage for her college graduation.  She was a self-supporting student. And my heart swelled with pride as she received her diploma. My heart is swelling still – because of her labor in the middle east desert, her son will be marching across the stage as a graduate.

I wanted to write my thoughts more on this occasion – but I think I will reserve it for the coming days.  I will write my “An Open Letter to My Nephew now that you have graduated from highschool..”

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6 Responses to My only nephew is graduating tomorrow…

  1. Gay says:

    nakakatuwa naman basahin itong entry mo. my parents also needed to go out of the country to send me and my siblings to school.

    OFW generation. :0)

    • admin says:

      Hats off ako sa mga OFWs!

      I will be posting my graduation experience in awhile.

      Thanks for visiting. When I get to SM Pampanga – will try to visit Paulo – BENCH SUPERVISOR na pala… makahingi nga ng discount!

  2. adelle says:

    Congratulations, proud uncle! Reading your post about graduation made me realize I did something right for a friend whose son who finally graduated today from elementary, has had a challenging last minute struggles just to be able to march. God’s compassion is just so enormous He wants us to share it.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the visit Adelle!

    Thanks for helping your friend as her son graduated from elementary.

    Yes, giving is such an enriching experience!

  4. Eugenio Adrao says:

    Proud uncle, the Lord Jesus Christ will certainly bless your life for your sincerity of loving your only nephew.

    • oftherock says:

      But it would be a more awesome blessing – when the Lord reveals Himself more to my nephew so that Joseph could also have a wonderful relationship with His Savior! I know you are praying for this for your nephew as well!

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